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The Lord Can Give You

a Fresh Start


Let the Lord Lead You to a New Beginning

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Turning Lives Around 

Through Faith

Christian Home Ministries of Nashville, Inc. aims to provide after-care homes dedicated to helping ex-prisoners discover and pursue God’s purpose for their lives.

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Providing Transitional Homes to Former Prisoners 

Spending years behind bars can make you feel disconnected from life. There are times when you recount the things you’ve done and think of what made you do it. Don’t think too much of the past. Now that you are given another chance to correct your mistakes, why not make the most of it? Christian Home Ministries of Nashville, Inc., along with your mentor, will help you find and pursue God’s purpose for your life.

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We are an all-volunteer ministry that asks for your prayers and financial support if you are so led. In our transitional homes, we guide former prisoners who want to grow in their faith with the Lord. We service the Nashville area. Please contact us by email for an application. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you!

“I was lucky enough to be accepted into the CHM following the lowest part of my life. I found mentoring weekly bible study a faith-based environment and acceptance from a church, Our Savior Lutheran, that treated me like family. I loved my 15 months as a resident and assistant house manager and would gladly do it again. I would love to become involved again with the homes.”

- Matt, Resident

Heartwarming Experiences 

Shared By Our Residents

“I moved into Christian Homes in November of 2007, and I can honestly say that it was a real life changing experience. I moved out in 2009 after I married my soul mate and best friend and God has been blessing us in every way possible. I had the pleasure of meeting and working with so many wonderful people such as Bill Brown, and Bill Parsons. The program itself is built to help a man build his spiritual life as well as his personal life, and I have always been a firm believer that if you put God first then everything else will fall into place. I am truly grateful for all the time and work these men and women have put into Christian Homes and pray that God will continue to help this ministry grow and prosper.”

Hassan F., Former Resident


“After being locked up in prison for eight years, I was finally granted parole. Not being a resident of Tennessee, the first and foremost condition of my paroled was that I go to a State approved Halfway House. Not being able to comply with this condition would mean that I would not be paroled. The truth of that was I would serve two or three more years in prison to flatten my sentence. After months of searching for, and applying to halfway houses around the state only to be denied acceptance, Christian Home Ministries finally gave me an open door to their ministry. I now have much more than just a room in a halfway house. I have a home. A good, solid Christian home. A place where I feel safe, secure and loved. A home in which I can grow in the Lord and become the person God intends. At the home we share in the ordinary household chores, we care about one another and try to help each other. We gather for regular Bible studies and, as a family, we show our love for the Lord. It would be very hard for me to accurately express my gratitude for the opportunity that I have been given to improve my life. I am so blessed for the kindness and caring of all the members of Christian Home Ministries.”

- Jimmy C., Former Resident

Service Areas

Christian Home Ministries considers applicants from within the Nashville area by follow-up personal interview or ministry referral.

Service Areas

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